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My Asian wife was out of town for a few days and I'd decided to use her absence to catch-up on my writing. After getting about a dozen calls from various telemarketers, I took the damn phone off the hook and immersed myself in my writing. I'd cranked out two short erotic fiction stories and had started on the third when the doorbell rung. Another God damn sales person I thought as I headed to the door.

Opening the door, I was all set to send whoever had interrupted me packing in a quick hurry. The Live Jasmin woman standing on the porch stopped me dead in my tracks however. Medium height blond with the biggest set of tits I'd ever seen on a Asian woman except maybe some in a few porn magazines. She was wearing a blue sun-back dress that barely reached her knees, spiked heels and hose that matched the color of her dress. The dress she had on looked like it was painted on her voluptuous body. Regaining my initial shock, I asked if I could help her. She introduced herself as Doris Jones with the Ultra-De Lite cosmetics company. Now I needed cosmetics like a job in the eye with a sharp stick, but invited her inside anyhow, suddenly wanting to get a lingering look at her massive breasts that were all but spilling out of her dress.

Once inside, she asked if my wife were home, but didn't seem in any hurry to leave when I explained that she was out of town for a few days. Doris said that her company made a number of products for men as well and asked if I'd be interested in seeing what she had to offer. At that point I would have taken one of everything she was selling, just to have her linger so I could feast my eyes on her huge, half naked breasts. We sat on the couch and she placed her sample case on the coffee table. When she leaned over to open it, I thought she her tits were going to escape her tight bodice, but not quite.

She retrieved a Lesbian Porn tube of face cleanser for men and offered it for my inspection. As I took the sample from her, I noticed that the hem of her dress had slid upward until it was almost mid thigh. I felt an erection starting, but decided to let nature take its course. All I had on was a pair of jogging shorts and I knew she'd notice my erection, but I was already horny from my asian girls being gone and figured I had nothing to loose anyhow. I opened the sample of cream and sniffed it, pretending interest. It did feel and smell good. Told her I'd try it so i bought it and thats the story

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